Peter Jenkins Memorial Award

Peter Jenkins Memorial Award

"Not all heroes wear capes"

A special award for Dressage Bay of Plenty members, in memory of Peter Jenkins.

Peter Jenkins Memorial Award

"Not all heroes wear capes"

This special award for Dressage Bay of Plenty members and volunteers, celebrates the memory of our wonderful late-president Peter Jenkins. Pete gave so much to our sport and was the first to put up his hand to help, always with that warm smile and fabulous personality.

Pete, you are hugely missed by everyone who knew you, and we wanted to create a special award in your memory to reflect the amazing person you were to so many people.

Award criteria

  • In recognition of an outstanding positive influence on dressage in the Bay of Plenty.
  • Any Dressage BOP member is eligible for nomination, whether they be a rider, judge, administrator, volunteer, etc. Nominees from outside the BOP may be considered at the discretion of the BOP committee.
  • NB: The four BOP area dressage groups are Dressage Rotorua, Taupo Dressage Group, Dressage Tauranga, Eastern Bay of Plenty Dressage.
  • Nominations to be put forward by a Dressage BOP member and can be put forward throughout the year.
  • Nominations close at 12pm on Sunday of the BOP Dressage Championships.
  • A sub-committee consisting of a representative from each club and a steward will vote to decide the recipient, in consultation with a representative of the Jenkins Family.
  • To be awarded annually at the BOP Dressage Championships.
  • The committee reserve the right to modify or amend the nomination criteria if it is deemed necessary to preserve the spirit with which the award is intended.

Make a nomination

To nominate a Dressage Bay of Plenty member or volunteer for this special award, please email the nominee's name and reasons for nomination to

Peter Jenkins Memorial Award


Guidelines for nominations

This award is to acknowledge a person that:

  • Steps-up and put themselves out there despite the risk of failure.
  • Set goals and try even though they may have doubts/fears.
  • Goes above and beyond to make their achievement(s) meaningful, whether it is for themselves, someone else or a group of people.
  • Tries no matter what.

Example nominations

Nominations can include( but not limited to):

  • A judge who judges at Nationals/HOY/overseas for the first time.
  • An administrator who leads by example in the face of challenges.
  • A rider who sets an ambitious goal (for them) and works away to achieve it.
  • A rider who steps up to say FEI level or Grand Prix with the horse that they have trained/bred/loved.
  • A rider or judge who is battling serious illness or disability.
  • A very generous owner or amazing coach who makes a difference in their own way.

Peter Jenkins Memorial Award PinPeter Jenkins Memorial Award Recipients


Angie Taylor


Michelle Hickman, Ottilie Upshall, Debbie Barke, Trudy Murray, Jodie Thorne, Juliet Iremonger, Kate Honour, Tanya Moore, Belle Clark, Barb Clarke, Sandi Cozens, Leonie Coker, Jane Gorton