Sunday Zilco Musical Freestyles Livestream

The Grand Prix, Inter I and Inter A/B Zilco Musical Freestyles were livestreamed right here on Sunday afternoon!

The livestream includes the following classes:

Class 722      FEI Inter I MFS 12:00pm - 2:50pm
Class 822 FEI Inter A/B MFS 3:30pm - 4:34pm
Class 922 FEI Grand Prix MFS      5.30pm - 6:40pm


Check out the replays below, or you can subscribe to our You Tube channel and watch there.

Thank you to our livestream sponsors:

Oakridge Equestrian     Betavet


FEI Inter I Zilco Freestyle to Music


FEI Inter A/B Zilco Freestyle to Music


FEI Grand Prix Zilco Freestyle to Music



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